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Why Women Love Flowers


Why Women Love Flowers


Why flowers? This is a question I have asked myself since before I was even interested in a female. Why is it that the accepted sign of a man’s undying affection and loyalty is something that will be dead in a week? I have asked dozens of ladies this question and have gotten various answers. “They are beautiful.” Well so are guns, and boats, and cars. “They show that you were thinking about us.” So does going to a rodeo or remodeling the bathroom. All the answers I have gotten from females in my opinion have carefully skipped over the obvious: Flowers cost money.

Guys already agree with me, but for those women reading this article, let me illustrate. Our church had a funeral on a Friday and the family donated one of the large bouquets to the church. On Sunday the entire auditorium smelled like flowers as the congregation met to worship. The next week was the Fourth of July and the particular bouquet did not fit the color scheme of the decorators, so they were going to throw it away. Being a resourceful husband, I received permission to take the bouquet home to my wife.

When I got home, I had to turn sideways in order to get inside our porch because the bouquet was nearly four feet across. I knocked on our front door and watched my wife’s face light up through the small window. She came jubilantly to the front door beaming with love for her husband, opened the door, stopped, frowned and then said, “Those are the flowers from the funeral aren’t they?”

They were beautiful; they were thoughtful; they were an expression of my love, but they didn’t cost money. Why does that matter? Money is an expression of worth (Mt 6:21). This is the same reason that telling my wife I love her is not the same as taking the time to write her a card.

This is not to say that women should be bribed or bought, but men should invest in their wives. If I am not willing to spend time and/or money on my wife, I am fooling myself that I truly love her. We as husbands should make it a priority to express our wife’s worth, particularly in the area of joint activity.

Life has a way of clawing for our attention, and we wind up feeling locked into dozens of activities that leave precious little time for one-on-one time with our spouses. An understanding husband must be on the look-out for activities that can strengthen a relationship by being together.

Some Bible scholars speculate that if Adam had been with Eve in the garden, the temptations of the serpent would not have worked. Why not figure out some activities that you and your wife can do together? I am not talking about taking a knitting class, or learning how to scrapbook, but it is essential that you pursue some activities that you both can enjoy. Maybe your wife wants to suntan while you go fishing, or you can pull the cord while your wife skeet shoots.

What did you do when you were dating that built memories? If you and your wife are not physically spending time together, you will be drawn apart. There will be stages in your life that will make it harder to spend quality time together, but even in the busiest stage of life, we find time to do what we feel is important, like eat.

Nothing shows worth like time spent together.




Man Challenge

Fill out a list of activities your wife enjoys, and another list of activities you enjoy. Circle the ones that are the same in both lists, and then set a date when you will do them together.

Things My Wife Likes:
___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ __________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ __________

Things I Like:
___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ __________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ __________

Circle the ones that are the same and then set a date when you will do them.


  1. Great post Pastor Dan! I read it quick as a break from homework. This give some great insight into how women think. We do feel special when someone spends time/money on us. I’ll never forget the single roses from my Dad when I was little or the day Hans took me to “The Wizard of Oz” play and then out for ice cream after. He payed for both and actually skipped going to a basketball game to spend time with me. Seth once bought me “Pride and Prejudice” on Dvd at Walmart. It cost $5 bucks but I’ll never forget that action because he spent money on me and it showed love.

    Thanks again for the post! Back to homework I go 🙂

  2. My loving husband has learned to stop at “junk stores” because he knows it’s something I enjoy. And now, he even comes in with me! Jordan once bought me an ornate jewelry dish from “a junk store” and Jarvis got me an antique earring and necklace set. Jason brought me home a box of antique brooches he picked up in the same type of store, and Wyatt saved a book on decorative gardening from the CLAW of Grampa’s loader because he knew Gramma would like it. My husband has set forth a great example for those following in his footsteps.

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