A book about women for men

The Womanual: A Non-owner’s Guide to Repairing and Maintaining a Working Relationship

Have you ever been confused by women? Have you ever left an argument vowing to do better, and didn’t really know what you did wrong? Have you felt frustrated that your wife doesn’t respect you? Do you desire to lead your wife, but are unsure she will follow?

This interactive guide will help you fulfill your God-given role of understanding your wife. Written in common man tongue, this book will transform the way you communicate, and allow you to be the man she knows you can be.

“As a counseling pastor, I’ve had many a man say, ‘Why didn’t God just write a set of instructions for understanding my wife? She just seems impossible to live with – it’s like I can’t live with her, but I can’t live without her!’ Pastor Daniel Mielke has just become the answer to prayer that all of these men have been seeking. This WOMANUAL approaches marriage in such understandable terms that we can finally begin to ‘dwell with our wives according to knowledge,’ as I Peter 3:7 instructs us to do. I guarantee that this will not be a manual we put on the bookshelf and forget, for it will offer years of invaluable explanations for our marriage relationships to bloom and flourish. Read it with joy. Follow it and live in peace and fulfillment ‘until death do you part.’ That’s what our marriage vows were all about!”

— Dr. Greg Huffman
Counseling Pastor Brookside Baptist Church,
MBU Family Professor,
Word for Life Radio Host